Monday, July 16, 2012

Visit to Yasawa Island & A Fiji School

We went to school Fiji! We expected to visit the Ratu Namasi School on Yasawa Island and just get a tour, so I was very surprised and simply filled with joy when the children lined up in rows in front of us with big smiles and sang so incredibly! There were no shortage of smiles throughout our entire visit.

Check out our video!

One of the young girls came over to me, shook my hand  and offered to show me her school.  It was very organized and she was so proud of it. She was our tour guide for the rest of our visit. 

Modern Fiji's national dress is the sulu which resembles a skirt. It is commonly worn by both men and women. The boys at the school wore sulus and the girls wore dresses.

Some of the students  gathered to get into the picture.  They were fascinated by Camera Guy's camera, and couldn't decide if they wanted in the picture or to look through the lens at the picture he was setting up!

They don't have dependable internet service but they do go online occasionally. There was a computer & printer in the Head Teachers office.   

We had a quick swim before returning to the Reef Endeavor for a reef talk with Noah, the Marine Biologist, lunch and then off to the Blue Lagoon to swim in the cave!

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