Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Likuliku, Our Favourite Place in Fiji


What impressed us most at Likuliku was the staff and the service.  We have been to great hotels around the world, but this was different.  It wasn't "taught" customer was sincere. It was from the heart.  I believe it was and that is what  is important.  They wanted to help or accomodate us all the time.  Even when they were unable to do something, they made every effort they could...and that makes LikuLiku  unforgettable.

I spoke above to Tulia, the Hotel Manager about what makes LikuLiku so special.

I loved it here...
Yes they sold snorkelling excursions, but Tom recommended that we check out the snorkelling from the pier first. It really was spectacular.  Dan could have stayed in the water all day.

One excursion we did purchase was the Sunset Cruise.  We highly recommend it!  It was Coolie, the guitar player , Sam- our pilot , Dan and me.  They served champagne and a beautiful antpasti was soooo romantic- an amazing sunset, floating in a stunning lagoon, music and the love of my life.

Pinch this a dream?



And promised me the next clam you brought over to the lagoon, you would name Penny...We will be back someday...Thank you - Vinaka to all the staff at LikuLiku.

Two more nights on the mainland before our journey back to Canada.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Likuliku, Absolutely Stunning!

Our transfers were on South Sea Cruises.
Once upon a time across the bluest of oceans, an island was born of lava and sand - an untouched paradise whose heart was a turquoise lagoon of unimaginable beauty and tranquility.  The first visitors came and explored.  To honour the magic of the place, they named it "Likiliku", meaning "calm waters"
(taken from

Our beautiful room at Likuliku. The bed faced huge picture windows facing the lagoon.

A plunge pool and day bed outside of the room with a view of the lagoon-simply paradise...

We found this in our room upon arrival and took it to dinner the first night.
Below the Executive Chef, Ihaka Peri and his team present exquisite dishes...

We loved it here...and the service levels here were simply outstanding.

Dan took this picture when we were snorkelling off the pier of Likuliku.  There were a gazillion fish - it was almost overwhelming....

The torches were lit each night.  The resort is so romantic....
More on Likuliku to follow.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mana Island Resort and Spa in Fiji

Mana Island Resort - a chat with Sami

Always serenaded on arrival...

Captain's Lounge on our South Sea cruise transfer was air conditioned and had drinks and snacks!  It was a very pleasant trip.

Now which snorkel should we choose?

A conversation with John, the dive master sharks bite?!!!!

A beautiful deserted beach....

Dan is enjoying a morning snorkel

The water was so clear...and warm

Sunset Beach on the other side of the island was a little bit of a walk to get to but well worth it.

Look, in the sky, it's a bird, it's a's a bat!
They were plentiful!

Our bure was far from the main building so we were given a cart - without brakes.  Yes the brakes were supposed to be fixed by the repair man but they were not  looked at the entire time we were there. 

 We had to cross an airfield to get to our bure so it was a challenge to stop at this stop sign.  We didn't bump into any planes so it was fine:)

Our honeymoon bure was very nice and looked out over the blue waters of the lagoon.

and another spectacular sunset...
On to Likuliku!


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