Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 1- A Taste of Tuscany....our adventure

Dan and I, when travelling together, prefer less structure when visiting new or old destinations, which allows us more flexibility. We spend little time in big cities and prefer the picturesque countryside, where we stay in more rustic accommodations, can stand in the middle of a sunflower field for as long as we want, shop at the town markets and enjoy sitting at a sidewalk cafe watching people go by for an entire afternoon. We cook for ourselves most of time and love candlelit dinners with wine on our own little patio with a view.

I suppose all my years in travel have taught me that everyone has their own priorities when travelling. Some may love what we did and others may not. Really look at yourself, and in your heart, you will know what you enjoy experiencing on vacation and what to avoid. Maybe you will find some things here that you would like to do or those things that you know you absolutely would not. This is our personal story about our trip to Tuscany- a day by day account and we loved it.

Friday July 3, 2009

I was going to say that our vacation began when ICE picked us up. Actually it was Brian, but it didn’t begin then. It began on New Year’s Eve 2008. That’s when Dan and I made the decision to go to Tuscany. We then started researching, buying guidebooks and deciding on dates... and yes I "encouraged" him to watch “Under the Tuscan Sun.”
I’m writing this on the flight to Munich where we will connect to another flight to Florence. Brian picked us up in his Lincoln town car and whisked us off to the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, he asked us when we would be returning so he would be there to pick us up - how nice!  Reaching for our itinerary, from our very well organized binder, I pulled it out and the wind released it from my hands. It took flight. And our very proper driver, Brian, began running after it. Yes, if one watched from a distance, they would have thought he was doing a river dance act- leaping and stamping, trying to harness it to the ground! Whew...he was successful and handed it back to me out of breath, stating “that’s why they call it an airport!” Dan and I checked in, relaxed in the Air Canada Lounge, and then boarded our flight.
Aside from the mix up with someone sitting in our seats and a woman telling Dan he absolutely needed to find a spot for her bags, everything went well.

We toasted to our vacation...and fell asleep...


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