Thursday, July 25, 2013

Roussillon...Explosion of Colour!

According to Camera Guy, Roussillon has a magic light about it ...which means we return to this place each time we are in France.  The village is a little touristy, but it is definitely worth a visit.  Pay for the entrance to the trail  (2.50 Euros). Even if you don't do the whole walk, you will see some spectacular views that you would miss otherwise.

Check out the video below...

À bientôt!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Circus...France style!

Circus signs were posted all over Banon when we drove through, so when our neighbours,  Linda and Paul, from California, mentioned that they were going to check it out, we decided to join them.

Camera Guy and I were the first in line - ok we were the first ones there.  The circus was starting at 6:30 and at 6:15 we still didn't see another person.  Goats were roaming around as were llamas, horses, ponies and even some cats.  Were there going to be trained cats since there were no lions???? Dan caught one of the stars in mid-poop!

At 6:25 Linda  and Paul showed up and the tent opened at 6:30.  We splurged on the most expensive seats, 14 Euros with plastic chairs ringside!!! There were about 60 people in attendance and the show was unlike any I had ever seen before.  The animal trainer was also the juggler who was also the ring gymnast and also the clown. He was actually pretty talented.  

The female tightrope walker was a little tense as she made her way across the wire, a death defying height of about 2 1/2 feet. 

She seemed like she really didn't want to be there.  Camera Guy said she looked like she wanted to run away and join the real world:)  She also had other jobs - like sweeping up the dirt in the ring and folding and unfolding the cover for the center ring ...several times. She also was the hula hoop star who managed about 3 rotations of the hoop before it hit the ground. 

The children in attendance had a great time and watching them was very entertaining...we were the only adults in the audience without children...

and we had a lot of fun too. This was rural France at its finest. We love these unique opportunities that present themselves when travelling. What will we stumble upon tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lavender Fields Forever

Provence is well known for its lavender, it's everywhere! And we're lucky to be here at the peak of the season. Check out our video:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our afternoon in Paris

From Toronto I flew to Zurich where I connected to Paris. Dan met me and off we went  to our hotel in Montmartre.  After dropping off my things, we took the Metro to Notre Dame and walked  over one of the Paris lock bridges. Thousands of locks line the bridge...yes romance is very alive in Paris! 

The story goes that the couple writes their names on the padlock then toss the key into the Seine to demonstrate their true love.  The only way the love can be broken is to find they key to unlock the lock.  Good luck!  There are thousands of keys at the bottom of the Seine... Dan and I bought a lock today!

There's always interesting performances by musicians, buskers, mimes etc when walking around Paris. A great jazz little quartet had  our attention for a while.

Dinner  in Montmartre...and a early night.  Tomorrow we take the train to Avignon, rent a car and head over to Forcalquier where we will spend a week.

À demain

Saturday, July 20, 2013

oooh la la – Croissants, Lavender, the Eiffel tower, Wine Cheese... Love is in the air !!!

Dan and his daughter Meredith left for Paris on Sunday.  I am plugging away at work and finishing off things that neeeeed to get done before I leave - you know how it is.  They chatted yesterday with me from their hotel in Paris and are having a great time.  They went to the top of the Eiffel Tower Monday night and walked a gazillion miles around Paris yesterday.  Meredith convinced her dad that an evening bicycle tour around Paris was a good idea, but I'm not sure Dan agreed. Still off they went - fun but a little hectic!

They also have a small private evening tour booked for the Louvre to see some of the highlights there.

I leave tomorrow and unfortunately will cross paths with Meredith in the air.  She leaves at 9:00 AM Friday and I arrive at 10:00.  There is something very romantic about my handsome husband greeting me at the airport in Paris!  Maybe I should run to the washroom and change into something before I see him...what shall I wear?

À bientôt ...



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