Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our afternoon in Paris

From Toronto I flew to Zurich where I connected to Paris. Dan met me and off we went  to our hotel in Montmartre.  After dropping off my things, we took the Metro to Notre Dame and walked  over one of the Paris lock bridges. Thousands of locks line the bridge...yes romance is very alive in Paris! 

The story goes that the couple writes their names on the padlock then toss the key into the Seine to demonstrate their true love.  The only way the love can be broken is to find they key to unlock the lock.  Good luck!  There are thousands of keys at the bottom of the Seine... Dan and I bought a lock today!

There's always interesting performances by musicians, buskers, mimes etc when walking around Paris. A great jazz little quartet had  our attention for a while.

Dinner  in Montmartre...and a early night.  Tomorrow we take the train to Avignon, rent a car and head over to Forcalquier where we will spend a week.

À demain

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