Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Likuliku, Our Favourite Place in Fiji


What impressed us most at Likuliku was the staff and the service.  We have been to great hotels around the world, but this was different.  It wasn't "taught" customer was sincere. It was from the heart.  I believe it was and that is what  is important.  They wanted to help or accomodate us all the time.  Even when they were unable to do something, they made every effort they could...and that makes LikuLiku  unforgettable.

I spoke above to Tulia, the Hotel Manager about what makes LikuLiku so special.

I loved it here...
Yes they sold snorkelling excursions, but Tom recommended that we check out the snorkelling from the pier first. It really was spectacular.  Dan could have stayed in the water all day.

One excursion we did purchase was the Sunset Cruise.  We highly recommend it!  It was Coolie, the guitar player , Sam- our pilot , Dan and me.  They served champagne and a beautiful antpasti was soooo romantic- an amazing sunset, floating in a stunning lagoon, music and the love of my life.

Pinch this a dream?



And promised me the next clam you brought over to the lagoon, you would name Penny...We will be back someday...Thank you - Vinaka to all the staff at LikuLiku.

Two more nights on the mainland before our journey back to Canada.


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