Monday, July 9, 2012

Our First Scuba Dive In Fiji!

Tuesday June 26, 2012 

Bula everyone!  In case you didn't know, that is a warm hello in Fijian. We have learned some other Fijian words - Vinaka means thank you and thank you very much is Vinaka Vakalevu. Boat is Waqa (pronounced wonga) and the city Nadi is pronounced Nandi - actually anything with a "d" is pronounced nd!

This morning we set off to Tivua Island.  Here is our second video blog but keep reading below.

Tivua Island, a gem in the South Pacific, where we enjoyed snorkeling in the beautiful water. 

I was in heaven here...Tom our driver on the mainland said you need to keep one eye open  to make sure you are really on earth...

Camera Guy finally let me take a picture of him...his blue eyes matched the ocean... (and his Blue Jays Hat hahaha).

Our new friends from New Zealand - Hilary and Gail.

Everything about the place is romantic!

When the light touches the blue water or the green hills, everything just bursts with colour!

Camera Guy and I about to go scuba diving with Will, the dive master.  It was fun!

Will leading us into the deep blue sea...YIKES!!! I didn't let go of his hand the entire time. We actually went to a depth of 30 feet and were under for about 40 minutes. 

Everything is magical...Camera Guy was loving his new underwater Panasonic Lumix camera, but I think he was more concerned about breathing & equalizing than he was about taking dozens of pictures. Even so, the underwater pictures look pretty good.

Tonight is the Captain's dinner and tomorrow Drawaqa Island and the Gunu village...

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