Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Fijian Village & Kava Ceremony

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This visit to the Fijian village was a highlight of our trip and an experience you shouldn't miss.  The village Chief was presented with a Kava root as a gift from the ship. The Chief then allowed us into the village and participate in a Kava ceremony. When drinking kava it is customary to give a hollow clap once, hold up the bowl, say "bula" and drink. You then hand the bowl back, and do three more hollow claps.

There are etiquette rules when visiting a village.Women should  keep their shoulders covered and having your knees exposed whether your are a man or woman is a sign of disrespect.  Long pants or Fijian sulus (wraps) should be worn.  There are so many beautiful ones sold you will probably want to buy one anyhow!  And both men and women wear them.
We had a great dinner that was cooked in a lovo or earth oven in the ground.  When the sun went down and it got increasingly darker, a generator kicked to life and some lights came on in the area where we were eating.  Otherwise they don't have electricity...and it gets dark early in Fiji!
Henrique, the Cruise Director with the kava root.

Walking towards the village at low tide...


Village life (above and below) 

The market

Tomorrow we visit a Fijian school on Yasawa Island. The students will be our tour guides.

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Fred said...

You've definitely got me intrigued by this kava ceremony... I'm gonna have to see if I can find out more about it. Hopefully there's a Youtube video or something out there!


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