Monday, July 23, 2012

Captain Cook Cruise - Drawaqa Island

That  is the Reef Endeavour in the distance.  The ship uses tenders to take the passengers ashore.  In some cases you need to be prepared to get your feet a little wet, but honestly, if you don't enjoy the water, I am not sure Fiji is the vacation for you.  I felt like a mermaid by the end of the trip!   

Guess what this is?

  It is the school bus...I mean school boat!  It takes the children to school on the other islands.

While I was shopping at the village market, Camera Guy was following the local fishing dog...but his owner called him away before he caught anything.

A village tour - notice everyone wearing the Sulus - everyone including men, need to cover their knees to show respect in the village.

Here is the sea snake. These creatures are very poisonous but people are not often bitten as they have small mouths and their fangs are set deep in their jaws. Nevertheless, we gave it a lot of room!

The islands are close together so you can always see some island.  Most of the inhabited islands have fresh water.  After lunch we set off to Drawaqa Island.  Camera Guy and I decided to pass on snorkelling this afternoon and take a walk instead.  The Barefoot Island Resort is here.  Backpackers can enjoy budget accommodations (dorm style) in a fantastic setting.  Some bures share a washroom, but the picture below is one of the deluxe units, featuring a 'floating bed'.

This beach front bure  was recently built and is really quite nice with an ensuite. Make sure to ask for one with a washroom!   The doorway and some sides zipped up like a tent and was very interesting. The resort was just bought by a South African Company and they are refurbishing many of the bures. They actually had a carpenter building the furniture at the resort!

This is the outdoor shower in the beachfront bure.  I love outdoor showers!
This is the closest island to the famous Manta Ray feeding channel.

Annette and Rosie on board the Reef Endeavour.

It was Island Night on our last night on board the Captain Cook Cruise.  Camera Guy wore his turtle sulu...we all danced together and had so much fun!

The crew enjoyed themselves as well.  They even did a Bollywood number that had everyone laughing!

What a great time we had on the Reef Endeavour....

And another stunning sunset....

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