Saturday, April 6, 2019

It was 5:00 in the morning when we left the hotel...I am sure the hotel staff thought I was a lady of the night, dressed in my seamed stockings and long gloves etc.   There was one other photographer at the Trocadero who obviously wanted  the  "magic light" that camera guy always talks about.  And so as the good photographer's wife, off I went and pretended to be a model!
It was amazing being there without any people- we had this special place in Paris all to ourselves. As we were leaving a bride arrived in her full white beautiful.

I had to run off to my baking class but couldn't go dressed like this!  Nothing was open- not one cafe! And so Dan suggested I change on the street (I had my baking clothes with me)...and so I started to change but then a bus stopped right in front of me...and then another.  So we waited for a cafe to open and I did my quick change...and off I ran to La Cuisine Paris for my croissant class...

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