Wednesday, August 23, 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia, Day 3, August 19, 2017

It is our third day in this amazing city.  Most of the other cruise lines stop for one to two days,  rarely three.  This was an advantage as you really need the time to see this city that we may not return to for a long time - if ever.  We organized a private car for our last day here.  It was $299.00 USD per car for a half day and well worth it.  In fact, when you compare our half day Nevsky Prospect $62.00 USD per person, where it was a transfer to this area - no tour - just drop off and pick up, we would have been better off with a private car  for the day, where we could have done that and more with a private guide.

The private car, a new black Mercedes sedan, which came with the necessary Russian visa, was waiting for us at the meeting place when we got off the ship.  

A violinist was always playing when we left the ship and one day he noticed our Canadian flag so every time he saw us he would play Oh Canada.   On the last day, he gave me a little Russian pin that I will treasure.  

Violeta and the driver Vladimir, escorted us around St. Petersburg to the sites we requested. 

We arrived at the Palace Square before any of the crowds arrived and I think Camera Guy would have spent the entire time there but we moved on to the Church on the Spilled Blood (our second time there:))

We stopped to take a closer look at the Horse Bridge.

We then went to the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral where Violeta had her children baptized.  It was interesting to note that there were no pews or seating at all in the church.  Everyone stands during the entire service, no matter your age or health condition.

Being mindful of the time, Violetta wanted to be sure we saw the opening of the fountains at Peterhof Palace.  There were a gazillion people waiting to see this!

The gardens are quite beautiful and Violeta told us that she often came here for picnics and outings with her family as it was very pretty and the many fountains kept the children fascinated.

I would highly recommend the private car so if you are planning a visit to St. Petersburg, do your research on tours and make your choices from there.

More pics from our day...

Next stop, Tallinn, Estonia
Until then

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How fabulous everything is!!!! Thank you for sharing. Katherine


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