Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Scotland!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

After a lot of worry over the weight of our luggage…it was all for nothing.  We flew from London to Edinburgh on BMI and the weight allowances for each of us is 20 kg in addition to one carry on.  I know many people have had issues with discounted airlines but things went smoothly for us on British Midland. 

The flight went well until we were about to land - and I mean we were waiting for the wheels to touch the ground - when all of a sudden the pilot gunned the engines & put the aircraft into a steep climb!  It seems the aircraft ahead of us hit a bird and protocol is that the airport personnel check the runway for remnants….so we circled and got a nice tour of Edinburgh before landing smoothly.

We rented our car with Auto Europe (prepaid) and were upgraded to a Ford Titanium…. the challenge – driving on the left side of the road and shifting a standard with your left hand!  

And so it began, the nail biting and dashboard clutching - I think it is even more difficult being a passenger at times like this.  I don’t believe there is anyone I would trust more than Dan to drive me around in a foreign country, but I needed a little time to have faith in him – especially in the roundabouts!  All I could think of was “keep left!”  After a while we did settle in to the rhythm of the driving but camera guy still had a problem with his perspective on the passenger side of the car.  We were always on the very edge of the road – awfully close to parked cars or the ditch.  I know he was trying to maintain room in the middle of the road but really….

After being told to please stop screaming every time he got close to the edge, I developed this technique that we agreed on (actually I am not really sure Dan agreed, but he seemed to be ok with it and even got a laugh once in a while).  I would say “Beep!”  when he moved towards the edge and “BEEP BEEP BEEP”  at a slightly higher frequency when getting dangerously over – remember there are no shoulders on these roads.  Or very few. 

After a spectacular two hour drive north, we settled in at Polmaily, our bed and breakfast for the next four nights, outside the town of Drumnadrochit- pronounced Droom-na-drock-it.  This is right at Loch Ness and no we didn’t see Nessie- I tried talking to her and begging her to come out but she didn’t co-operate….

 Tomorrow – The Isle of Skye!

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