Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magical, Mystical Stonehenge

Monday, July 4, 2011

If Stonehenge is on your Bucket list, then this is absolutely the way to do it.  It was tough getting up at two in the morning in order to meet the tour bus at three, but totally worth it. 
I have heard from people about mediocre Stonehenge experiences. They talk about how they didn’t get to go close up, about large crowds, long waits, etc. etc.
David, our tour guide, was as excited as we were.  He said typically they would give his group a number which gave them a turn walking around the outer circle…but not today…our small group was the only one there. We were shocked with the temperature when we got off the bus. It was freezing!  

We stood there as the sun rose, shining its light in between and on the stones.  We were right in the middle …we touched the stones…I even kissed one!
I cannot explain how it took my breath away. Camera Guy was in his glory as well, excited about the perfect conditions and the magic light.

It was a spiritual experience and we couldn’t have asked for a better morning – first the mist (you could hear the sounds of the sheep through the mist) then the sun…rising…wow!

We went from there to Salisbury where we toured the beautiful cathedral.  It was built over the junctions of several rivers and they constantly check that the water level remains constant through a hole in the floor.  They actually dip a stick in this hole-like checking oil! A cool thing about this building is that the dimensions of the tennis court were based on the stained glass windows on the east side of the building.  Just imagine that at this point in the day it was about 7:00 am!

We then had a short visit to Bath, where I ran back up to the Bertinet cooking school to buy an apron. We had lunch in Lacock, a small village where the filming of Harry Potter took place.  We actually had lunch in a pub that was built in 1361 – so the place was serving lager over 100 years before Columbus landed in America!!!

By the time we arrived back in London it was mid afternoon and we were beat. We rested a bit then went out for a great Italian dinner at Da Mario’s, a restaurant that Princess Diana frequented.
Tomorrow…touring a little more of London....good-night…

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