Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ireland Day 4 Killarney

Limerick to Killarney

Dan woke me up this morning with the song- Christmas in Killarney! Now I can't get it out of my head! Here it is if you haven't heard it before.

Our Monograms local host Yvonne, was waiting in the lobby to see us off to Killarney.  
A minibus took us to the Killarney Plaza hotel for our stay the next 3 nights.  The hotel was situated  well.  We just walked out the door and there we were on the main street.  The staff at the hotel were incredibly friendly and helpful and in fact the girl who checked us in had such a big smile, you couldn't help but smile BIG back.

 We met Michelle, our Killarney local host who took us on a mini walking tour.  She was very welcoming and informative.  The Killarney National Park is right beside the hotel and goes on and on....
We explored the town a bit - lots of pubs and shops then had some lunch.

Bought myself an Irish cap

Off we went on our jaunty car ride.  This isn't a car- it is a horse and buggy! We had a great driver - I think his name was Sean and I know the horse's name was Sally. 

We jaunted through the National Park and felt like we went back in time.  We saw deer, rabbits, heron and beautiful scenery.

Ross Castle

I would recommend this short tour which was included in our monograms program but even if it wasn't I would check it out.
We went over to the Budget office and rented a car for the next 2 days with plans to drive The Dingle Peninsula and The Ring of Kerry.

Time to rest up!
But first a beer...

Penny and Dan

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