Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 2014 - Italy - Elliot and Leah's Arrival

Remembering- a year ago....

 My son Elliot is attending school in Calgary and doesn't come back to Toronto very often.... Christmas and sometimes during the summer...I miss him so much...

And so when he was spending time at the Max-Planck Institute in Germany and decided that he would remain in Europe to travel a bit, I was delighted.  We were going to be in Italy at the same time and would be able to spend some vacation time with him.  Leah, his girlfriend, would meet up with him in Germany and they would travel around before meeting us in Rapello.   I was soooo excited! Especially after our ordeal (previous blog post with the stolen lens) that we had recently gone through.  It really was the first real vacation time with Elliot in many years.

 There is something very exciting about meeting someone special at a train station in a foreign place.  I was like a little kid waiting  for them to arrive and when I saw them get off the train, I was jumping for joy.

We rented a house near Zoagli, a quaint little seaside town. Off we went for a seaside dinner in Zoagli at a little restaurant with a pretty view.

The following days we visited Portofino, an Italian fishing village and vacation resort famous for its picturesque harbour, its celebrities with its million dollar yachts and the highlight of the stay -  The Cinque Terre, the five lands comprised of five villages: Monteroso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola,and Riomaggiore. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages  of The Cinque Terre and cars are not welcome and cannot access the villages from the outside. We hiked, trained and ferried to these charming rugged villages.  We had long dinners on our terrace overlooking the sea.... and life was good.

Ciao for now,
Penny and Camera Guy (Dan)

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