Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Photographer's Wife

We set the alarm for 6:00 so we would be on our way by 6:30 to view the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque. This iconic place, built in 1148 by Cistercian monks is probably one of the most photographed spots in all of Provence. It is set in a valley and framed with beautiful lavender fields. The plan was to get to Gordes by the time the sun cleared the mountain. We got there about 7:45 and waited ...and waited.  We counted the rows of lavender...the light is on row 4, we wait a little longer....on 5 now. It now hit a corner of the roof. Where is a Tim Hortons when you need one?  Cars stop and people jump out and take photos quickly of the abbey, but we continue to wait. Camera Guy says "not yet", and we wait a little longer. 
Oh look, the light hit the's now 8:39 and the light covers most of the roof. Maybe by by 9:15 we'll be enjoying that long ago promised coffee in a cafe in Gordes. Camera Guy gets the car in the right position, climbs up on the roof and makes this beautiful image.

We found that cafe and enjoyed coffee and pain au chocolate and planned the rest of our day. I think Camera Guy will be waiting for me now, as I shop the markets. 

À demain.



Susan said...

The photo is beautiful and worth the wait. I hope Camera Guy bought you a pastry to go with that coffee!

Susan said...

Ah - I read on....pain au chocolat sounds like a perfect breakfast!


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