Thursday, June 30, 2011


We sold our house....we bought a new house...and now we are off to Scotland. First we will spend some time in Bath, then London and off to Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeenshire, Stirling and of course Kilmarnock where Dan's dad was born.
We will be staying in B&Bs most of the time but yes...We will be staying in a castle too! We can't wait!

I will blog when I can...but first here is the video I made of our new house. Dan is moving his office into the house so we needed more space. We are very excited because not only do we love the house, but we love the fact that we will be in the Beach area. I keep driving by it and they must think I am stalking them! I took this video just walking around during the home inspection, so it was not really intended to be an actual video, but more for me to remember things as we don't get to go back into it often before we move (2 times). The video is a little crazy and you may get sea sick watching it, but I am new at this. I think Dan is being kind when he said it was good :).

Enough it here.
On the road again

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