Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Day in Delhi...

Dan took a TUK TUK from field Hockey to the press centre because it would be half an hour before the  media bus would be leaving and he didn't feel like waiting.

At first the TUK TUK driver stopped in the middle of nowhere, so Dan refused to get off ...he spoke to Dan in Hindi and Dan spoke to him in English so there was a bit of a language problem.  The signs don't really help either as the writing is composed of symbols and unfamiliar letters.  And so the driver went over to a soldier who gave him directions in Hindi and they proceeded to the entrance of the media centre. The cost of the TUK TUK ride - 20  Rupees (.50cents) but Dan wanted to give him 100 Rupees ( $2.50) and he wouldn't take it - no matter how much Dan insisted...oh well....There are solidiers everywhere it seems....a  total of 50,000 soldiers - 30,000 Delhi police and 20,000 special ops soldiers are stationed around Delhi for these games! 

After walking a further km with his heavy equipment to the media Centre,  he boarded a bus to go to weightlifting.  It was about noon and the event was scheduled for 2:00, so he spent time downloading some pictures.

From Weightlifting he was scheduled to go to swimming.  A car was supposed to pick him up but the car went to the wrong stadium to get him so by the time he picked him up , he missed the first 3 or 4 races. overall though, it was a disappointing day for the swimmers.

He was trying to describe the heat to me...Dan and I had just been to Greece in July (blog to be posted soon).   "Imagine when we were in hot it imagine a bonfire following us."

He is settling in at the hotel and feels like Norm on "Cheers".  When he walks in to the hotel bar, they have a beer ready for him...

And so...another day in Delhi...

Until tomorrow


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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog Penny and Dan's story through you. Keep going....Leah


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